Dr Ash Ramzan, our principal consultant, recently took part in a Biosimilar Experts Roundtable Discussion hosted by biosimilar expert Dr Fiona Greer and joined Dr Andrew Reason, an analytical characterization expert.  

Across three instalments, Drs Ramzan and Reason provided a valuable insight into a number of thought-provoking themes: 

Part one encourages a great conversation that will help biologics developers think more carefully about what they know about their product and how to fast-track development using this knowledge: “Knowledge-based Biologics Development.” 

The second part of the inspiring conversation between Dr Andrew Reason and Dr Ash Ramzan is on the theme of knowledge-based biologics development.  The roundtable is entitled: “Streamline Development with Fit-for-Purpose Characterization Methods.” 

The final and third virtual discussion covers the topical and frequently asked question: “Analytical Method Qualifications and Validations- When and How?” 

We thank Dr Fiona Greer for facilitating the conversation, and to BioPharmaSpec for hosting these roundtables.  

The informative and analytical three-part series is available to view now!  


Watch part 1 

Watch part 2

Watch part 3

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