This week marks the announcement of the 2023 Women in Innovation Award from Innovate UK, part of government body UK Research and Innovation. The award coincides with International Women’s Day, March 8, and celebrates the achievements of female innovators and entrepreneurs across the UK and their impact on the health technology sector.

This year’s award will recognise up to 50 outstanding female-led innovations in the health technology sector, located in all regions of the UK, and support their growth and development through a £50,000 grant and mentoring.

Innovate UK have organised the Women in Innovation Awards yearly since 2016, this year providing a total of £2m in funding to recipients.

The award is part of a wider commitment to supporting women in innovation, and the winners will join a community of prestigious female innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

The award winners have made a significant impact in the health technology sector, from developing innovative medical devices to pioneering artificial intelligence research. Their ground-breaking work has helped to improve patient care, reduce costs, and increase access to healthcare services.

The award recognises the importance of supporting female innovators, and acknowledges the impact they have made in the sector. By encouraging more women to pursue careers in innovation and entrepreneurship, the award will help to create a more inclusive and diverse health technology sector, and ensure that all voices are heard.

The 2023 Women in Innovation Award is a testament to the power of female innovators and entrepreneurs, and their ability to create positive change in the sector. We look forward to seeing the inspirational work of the award winners, and the impact they will have in the coming years.

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