Woodley BioReg has been resourcing projects for over 20 years, providing specialist regulatory, quality, and project management consulting services to the increasingly competitive and resource-limited  pharmaceutical,  biopharmaceutical  (vaccines),  healthcare (OTC), and medical  devices industries.

Woodley BioReg recognises the need for the provision of highly qualified and experienced regulatory affairs and quality professionals. Our process of engagement is tailored to each client and can involve provision of schedules of work, project trackers, timesheets, etc to ensure visibility and transparency.

We appreciate the need of our consultants to seamlessly merge with our client’s ways of working and become part of their teams either locally or remotely. This has been achieved through client specific induction and training to become immersed in the client’s company quickly and effectively.

This model has been repeatedly demonstrated to be both highly effective and efficient.

What does flexible resourcing include?

Woodley BioReg’s flexible resourcing solutions include providing consultants with perfectly-matched skills for our clients’ onsite regulatory, project management, and quality assurance activities, as well as providing pre-screened and vetted consultants to support peaks in client workload from our headquarters in Yorkshire.

Woodley BioReg offers further flexibility, enabling clients to “switch on” and “switch off” their dedicated resource. This approach has been positively received by our client procurement officers, allowing them to minimise their overheads and manage budgets whilst ensuring project goals are delivered.

Woodley BioReg is committed to providing only the most appropriate and qualified consultants and will never try to “squeeze” imperfectly matched consultants into client programmes. All our resourcing solutions are sourced from Europe and Woodley BioReg does not “offshore” any of its client support activities to non-EU locations; we are strong believers in quality.

Being adaptable to meet our clients’ needs is a key part of our flexible resourcing solution and we always deliver the most cost-effective and qualified option.

Woodley BioReg’s flexible resourcing solution consists of qualified, professional consultants that can be:

  • On your site as our “man in the plant”
  • At our site as your remote support team
  • At your site as an integrated part of your current team