Woodley BioReg is thrilled to be attending Cannabis Europa at the Barbican Centre in London on 2-3 May 2023. This event is a great opportunity to join 1500 influential leaders from thriving cannabis companies, alongside policy makers, entrepreneurs, and investors hoping to shape the future of the maturing European cannabis market — a market that is set to be worth in excess of £3 billion by 2025. 

As the cannabis industry gains exponential momentum globally and is becoming an increasingly important sector in the healthcare industry, Cannabis Europa will provide a platform for significant industry leaders and clinicians to discuss the future of medicinal cannabis and its potential for practical use. 

Woodley BioReg will be networking with the leading experts in cannabis research, access and reform and exploring the latest developments and advancements in the field. We will also be looking at the potential of medicinal cannabis treatments and practices and the growing evidence base of its safety and efficacy. 

The conference will also provide an opportunity for Woodley BioReg to gain valuable insights into the regulatory and compliance requirements and challenges for the medicinal cannabis sector, and to hear from other industry leaders about their strategies and approaches, particularly in view of MHRA and Home Office’s five-step approach to licensing and certification.  

Dr Ash Ramzan, who will be attending the conference, commented; “The medicinal cannabis industry is a fast-moving sector, and it is important for Woodley BioReg to stay ahead of the curve and be informed of the latest developments in the field.  

“We hope that our attendance at Cannabis Europa will enable us to gain the insights and knowledge we need to remain at the forefront of regulatory advice and guidance, and crucially, place us at the core of those conversations that are pivotal to the global growth of the cannabis industry.” 

Join us at the Barbican Centre in London on 2-3 May 2023 to be part of this unique and inspiring event. 

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