Recently our Principal Consultant, Ash Ramzan, headed to Beckfoot School, Bingley, to give a presentation to year 12 and 13 students as part of the school’s sixth form assembly programme.

The tailor-made session provided students with the opportunity to understand the importance of STEM subjects and help build their confidence and knowledge in this area.

Ash’s presentation touched on his company, Woodley BioReg, and its role within the industry, sector-wide career options and opportunities, and the benefits of working within the field. As an experienced consultant, he was able to advise and discuss a range of areas Woodley BioReg has worked with, emphasising pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and devices and diagnostics.

The secondary school was delighted to welcome Ash for the presentation, which follows on from other events held by the school encouraging STEM knowledge and participation. In January this year, Beckfoot School held a STEM Roadshow presentation, showcasing how magnetism works by having year 7 students build homopolar electric motors.

This new partnership between Beckfoot School and expert pharmaceutical and healthcare consultants Woodley BioReg provides crucial information at a time when students are under pressure to complete their Level 3 qualifications, then go on to apply for university courses, apprenticeships, or find workplace opportunities.

The presentation also comes at an essential time for women and girls looking at going into STEM, with reports reflecting the gender pay gaps in computer science and engineering, as well as other disadvantages women face going into STEM jobs. Holding open discussions about STEM at such a vital time opens doors and plants ideas, and equally encourages all children to pursue STEM.

Ash said: “It’s an exciting and humbling experience to team up with secondary schools to provide career support in STEM, with the aim of helping nurture talent and securing greater levels of participation in STEM subjects into further education.

“This is a pivotal stage for students’ academic and career progression, and there is a diverse range of amazing opportunities and careers available in the STEM sector for young people. From the number of pupils who turned up to the presentation, there’s obviously an eagerness to develop key skills, share aspirations and interact with those already working within the industry.

“I look forward to returning in the new year to run some workshops and engage with smaller groups of students who are especially keen to work within the sector, to support their educational development and help them make informed decisions about their future.”

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