Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Equipment manufacturers will meet in Düsseldorf from 14 – 17 November 2022 during the MEDICA Trade Fair 2022, and our colleagues at WBR cannot wait to delve into the world of health and medical technology! This will be the FIRST YEAR that WBR attends this Expo! 

MEDICA is the world’s largest event for the medical sector, attracting more than 5000 exhibitors from 70 countries, ranging from world leading organisations to small firms and start-ups, and over 120,000 visitors. 

The event marks the perfect opportunity to gain valuable professional contacts in the medical sector, network and engage with key businesses and decision makers in the market, share knowledge and information with other participants and visit top-class forums and conferences.  

Offering an overview of top trends in data-driven medicine, the focus this year investigates how health IT applications and solutions can contribute to more sustainability in health care, and on optimising treatment workflows through improved interlocking of digital processes and human intervention. 

“We have a history of attending exhibitions around the world including CPHI, Arab Health and BioKorea; it’s the first time we’ll be attending MEDICA.  The team has been busy planning and arranging meetings, and it promises to be a busy 3 days for international exchange, joint ventures, and business. 

“MEDICA offers a comprehensive overview of the newest medical product and services for modern treatment, innovation and product development and manufacturing within outpatient and clinical care.  We’re looking forward to meeting some of our clients that we didn’t have time to meet at CPHI, and share our experiences to help others overcome their regulatory hurdles.” 

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